a little about us…

Aloha, my name is Rosalyn.

I was born in New Mexico, raised in Colorado and moved to Hawaii in 2007. I once vacationed in Hawaii as a child, my mom vividly remembers me telling her that one day I would live here and raise my own family.

Almost 20 years later here I am working as an RN and raising three little beach bums with my remarkable husband (Michael). I absolutely love the people, the culture and the beauty Hawaii has to offer, Hawaii is home. As a family we enjoy hiking, swimming, surfing, floating, painting, dancing and cooking like crazy, just to name a few.

Michael was born and raised in Kapahulu where he grew up surfing, fishing and playing any sport outside. He is determined to protect and preserve the ocean for the future; education is key. Michael is always willing and ready to share information on the coral reefs and surf stories at any of the farmers markets.

Creating our sunscreen is one way for us to share with everyone our love for the ocean and health.
Mahalo and Aloha,

Rosalyn & Michael