our story

The day I decided to start taking my first-born daughter in the ocean was the same day I swore off all sunscreens (at least commercial sunscreens).

I was standing in a health store reading all the “natural” sunscreen labels and wondering why I couldn’t pronounce half the ingredients.  I started researching some of the ingredients and realized they weren’t so natural after all.

With that, I opted for a hat and UV skins for my little one. I soon realized though that it wasn’t enough, so my research began on making a natural sunscreen.  I came across a ton of DIY sunblock recipes on line.  I tried a few and wasn’t satisfied with the protection, and texture or smell.

This started my journey towards developing my own recipe.  We used it all the time and soon had friends and family members asking for jars. I was so happy to have created such a clean and truly natural sunblock, I decided to share it with the world.