My wife and I began questioning the ingredients of well known sunscreen brands that we were using on our 2 year old daughter. We found that some common sunscreen ingredients are toxic to humans and even cause harm to our coral reefs.

We are so happy that we discovered Little Hands Sunscreen. A sunscreen made with aloha and safe for us all. Kelly-

Just got the little hands facestick maybe a month ago and it’s the best facestick I’ve ever used. Unlike other face sticks you don’t have to paint your face with half the stick to be protected from the sun, a light application is good for hours and it’s safe for the environment!! 


This sunscreen works wonderfully to protect my two kids delicate skin and it smells amazing too! The face stick is the only one I’ve ever used that has stayed on for my entire surf session! I’ve paid much higher prices for face sticks that rub off after an hour of surfing, this face stick stays put, I love it!


I have twin daughters who both have extremely fair skin and red hair. We live in Colorado where the sun is extremely intense 320 days of the year and because of this we have to use sunscreen everyday before we leave the house. I hated the fact that I was subjecting my girls to chemical sunscreen everyday. We started using Little Hands Hawaii after our last vacation to HI, and absolutely LOVE it! Not only does it keep my little reds heads from burning, I love how soft it makes their skin, and I don’t feel like I need to wash it off at the end of the day because of all the wonderful ingredients that are in it. The directions say to reapply every 50 mins, but as long as they aren’t getting wet, I find that we can go several hours without reapplying. The sunscreen is thick, so a little goes along way. I can’t say enough about how great this sunscreen is. I’ll definitely be ordering more!


Organic is the route to go these days as I’m so tripped out about the many different ingredients Sunblock, Suntan Lotions, and Sun whatevers has these days! I travel to distant places to surf and snowboard and always looking for a great Sunblock to protect me from the sun. I met Mike last year surfing and he mentioned that he had this organic brand of sunblock that he’s selling these days and made in the Islands! What a great combo right? I’m glad I got me some as being Hapa Haole (1/4 Irish) it definitely protects me skin and my experience was that it lasted longer too, especially in the water! Much Mahalos for introducing this product to me Mike. Always have the stick in my bag or can of it in my car! Little Hands Hawaii…don’t leave home without it!


I need to preface this testimonial by saying—I NEVER write testimonials! This is my first one and I just HAD to do it because this product is amazeballs! I am an avid surfer and lover of all things both IN and ON our moana and aina. This means that on a daily basis, I need to smother myself with sunscreen. The problem was—I’m SOOOO picky about sunscreens. I must have tried no less than 100 different brands and types in just this last 10 years alone. And easily hundreds and hundreds of dollars. Then I started trying to go “organic”, but the textures, smells, claims…..eeeeeew. Until—Little Hands Hawaii! Look no further! Spreads great, smells great, lasts long AND great for our moana and aina?!?!?! Whaaaaat?!?!? Go get some now. Drop the mic……



Let us know how much you love our sunscreen.  We are always excited to hear from our Little Hands Hawaii ‘Ohana.